Gospel Reflections 800x800 blue outlineToday's Gospel: Mark 12:18-27

Memorial of Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs

In this Gospel, the Sadducees ask Jesus a question in an attempt to trick Him. If a woman marries seven brothers in succession as each one dies, leaving no descendants, whose wife will she be at the resurrection?

Jesus tells them that they are “misled” because they are thinking strictly in human terms. They do not believe in Scripture or the power of God.

In order to hear God’s Word, we need to think not in human terms, but to “listen with the ear of the heart” as St. Benedict explains in the Rule. We need to listen and try to understand in humility and faith, with an attitude of trust and willingness to turn towards the Father. Only then will we stop being misled.


Do you humbly listen to the Word of God in faith and trust?


Dear Lord, open the ear of my heart so that I may hear You not with a narrow human attitude, but in humility, faith, and trust.

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