Gospel Reflections 800x800 gold outlineToday's Gospel: Mark 4:26-34

Do you feel like a farmer after reading today’s Gospel? We can learn a great deal from farmers about the Kingdom of God. We learn today that plants grow in their own time, and we don’t completely understand how. Eventually, though, the harvest comes. God brings about the growth, and it is our job to cooperate. A patient farmer keeps vigil over his plants until the harvest comes. We are called to do the same. We can plant the seeds of faith in ourselves, in our children, and in all we meet. We then leave it up to God to mature their faith and bring it to harvest. We can always enrich it and fertilize it on the way too.

The Gospel today is an example of a parable. Jesus often used stories to teach a lesson. There is more to a parable than just a story, however. We are called to do more than simply listen. We are called to do what they say. Jesus isn’t telling us sweet little stories to make us feel better like a fairy tale might. He is asking us to change our thinking or behavior in some way. Today He is telling us to plant our seeds and wait on Him for the harvest.

The Gospel tells us that Jesus “explained everything in private” to his disciples. He did this so they would understand fully. He didn’t tell everyone because many would not understand, some would be offended, and it could possibly lead to Him being arrested too soon. If we want to understand Jesus more fully, we have the same opportunity as the disciples. We can go to Him personally and ask Him to explain things to us. He will show us more when we remain open and ask Him to help us understand.


What seeds of faith have I planted? Do I trust God for the harvest?

Have I ever asked Jesus to explain something more fully to me?

What prevents me from doing so?


Jesus, thank You for wanting to show me more so I can understand you more fully. Teach me to come to You and ask for help when I am confused or misunderstand something. Amen.

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