Dodgerton Skillhause, "Winter Drive" (2015) via Morguefile. Dodgerton Skillhause, "Winter Drive" (2015) via Morguefile.

On a normal drive as we were running errands my eight year old son asked this question, “Mommy, have you always prayed?”

I paused and then reluctantly said, “I think so.”

This made me think about why I paused and why I replied with the word think.

So, since I used the word “think” does that mean that I felt guilt answering, “No, I haven’t always prayed.”

Would that be a bad example or would it make prayer more about a relationship with God than just something I do?

His question, though simple, made me reflect on my relationship with God. Is it about checking off prayer time of my to do list or is it actually a relationship? One which I need to have in order to feel at peace and supported in this crazy world?

Is my relationship one that I need to have because I want to rise and offer my day to our Lord and send little whispers to him throughout the day?

These whispers help me to know that I am not alone in this world even in what sometimes seems the darkest times in my life.

I know that this question will be asked again, maybe not in the car but maybe on a walk or over dinner. And when I answer I will say “Yes, I have.”

I will explain that maybe it wasn’t long and fancy but that my heart and soul has a need to know that God is with me, guiding me and loving me.

Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Desiderato.
Photo: Dodgerton Skillhause, "Winter Drive" (2015) via Morguefile