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If you have children, this review of MyCatholicFaithDelivered may be right up your alley! MCFD is a great way to get your child a sound religious education if they attend public school or are homeschooled.

We have been homeschooling for several years now and while I love to use books as much as humanly possible, I also need to be a bit less hands-on. I like the content of the Faith & Life series, but it seemed both too simple on its own yet too much work to do the extras from the teacher's manual.

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MyCatholicFaithDelivered offers several online courses about the Catholic faith in an online format including the Faith & Life series for elementary and the Didache series for high school. MCFD is great because the extras are there but YOU don't have to do it. The lessons are set up just like the physical books with 4 chapters followed by a unit test and each chapter has a dozen short activities/sections. Every single one comes directly from the student text.

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If you have an auditory learner or even just a struggling reader, MCFD is a fabulous program. Every single piece is read aloud to the student automatically--the Bible verses, text, catechism, test questions, all of it! If your student would rather not listen you can turn it off, pause it, or even replay it. If you have a workbook loving child, you can easily add the student activity book to further reinforce the lessons. They also have a family guide to the Faith & Life series (link goes to my review).

At the end of the year, MyCatholicFaithDelivered includes a certificate and transcript you can print. You do need to change the name in the account settings if you choose to use the same login info for more than one child. My only wish is that there was an option to have results emailed to you. I hate having to go in to find out how they are doing :).

We used MCFD for Faith & Life 2 this last year and we liked it so much, I plan to use it again next year for F&L 3.

Have you used any of the other MCFD courses? How did you like it?

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