hands-804934_1280 Photo copyright Wokandapix via Pixabay.com

Humidity hangs heavy in air

As clouds accumulate weight

Forming like towers in the heavens

Waters build up behind gates.


Mysteries of nature abounding

Earth getting ready to receive

Heat scorched and dry she will cry out

"Lord of all Nature, I believe!"


One last loud Voice that is booming

Thunder rolls through the land

He opens the floodgates from towers

The power will flow from His Hand.


And what of us humans in nature

Is it upon Him that we call?

Do we know that we are the creature

And He, the Creator of all?


The signs of His wonder and power

Are seen by those who have sight.

To them He is Lord of all Nature

Who equates His Love with His Might.


Let Him then show you His power

Let Him be Lord of your life

Heat scorched and dry let us cry out

"In mercy, like rain, I delight!"


Forgive us, oh Lord of All Nature

For as sin has accumulated weight

You want to preserve us and drench us

Baptizing water flows from Heaven's gate.


Copyright 2015 Cindy Costello
Photo copyright Wokandapix via Pixabay.com