9939608Elizabeth Reardon hosts a daily radio program on Real Life Radio called An Engaging Faith. With a Jesuit leaning, she looks at the discovery of God in our every day while also engaging the social realities in the world around us. On her blog, Theology is a Verb, Elizabeth describes her journey of faith and her writing as encountering Christ's love, mercy, and compassion in dialogue and witness.

This phrase also encapsulates how Elizabeth conducted her interview with me on her radio show. She adapted her questions according to my comments. Elizabeth focuses on the person she interviews; she researched my blogs, websites where I post articles, the website ACWB which I am the administrator for and even my Pinterest boards. Elizabeth does her homework.

An Engaging Faith on August 25th  

"With 9 children, and a heart full of love, faith and humor, Melanie Jean Juneau shares of her vocation to motherhood and love of writing! "

At the beginning of the show, before beginning to interview me she gave an all-encompassing bio:

Melanie Jean Juneau is a mother of nine children who blogs at Joy of nine9. Her writing is humorous and heart warming; thoughtful and thought-provoking. Part of her call and her witness is to write the truth about children, family, marriage and the sacredness of life.

She then gave her listeners a sense of my brand of humour as she quoted a recent blog post of mine:

Kids need time to be bored; that is how creativity is born.

Ignore the bad and praise the good.

The only thing that could kill you as a mother of nine is pairing socks.
Never let little ones become over tired and never let them become too hungry. If you do, you will create a clinging wimp or a raving monster.

Babies are pre-verbal, not idiots.

Children help you forget what is not important.

My ceiling is my children's floor.

Don't get upset over messes. It is just part of the normal routine.

More children are easier than less. If you have one or two kids you ave to be everything for them but with three, community starts.

Then Elizabeth addressed me by saying, "I am delighted to finally have you on my show!" Of course, I burst out laughing which set the tone to a  down-to-earth discussion on mothering,  large families, spirituality and becoming Catholic.

Original Air Date: August 25, 2015

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