(I was a guest on a good one w/ my tips on working at home, prioritizing, & bout real food too!)

Why I Hate Podcasts

First I’ll tell you honestly: I don’t care for most podcasts. Actually I can’t STAND them. Same with webinars. There are a few that are done well, but often the host just goes on and on about nothing, or they’ll say something dumb and crack up at themselves — I just can’t do it. DELETE. It feels like a BIG waste of my time. I just want a transcript so I can SKIM; I’ve always preferred reading new information instead of listening, probably because I’m so visual. The ones I do love are when they get to the stinkin’ POINT and have truly useful information that I haven’t heard many times before. Recently, since I began walking regularly, I’ve tried more to find some that I like and will save them to my phone. (Usually I’ll subscribe, too.) The good ones are like gold, because I LOVE to multi-task, and when I can learn something useful while I’m walking, it’s magic.  I have my favorites for online business podcasts, foodie podcasts, podcasts to help grow my faith, etc., and it’s fun to find more in those areas, but recently I found a really helpful one for work-at-home Moms!

Have you heard of the Encourager Podcast?

I was asked to be on the Encourager podcast with Rebekah Scott, and her topics are related to being a busy Mom, working at home, how to manage it all, and encouraging other Moms to do this, too. (Mostly she helps work-at-home Moms, but a lot of her tips are for any Mom trying to stay on top of things — this gal is more organized than I think I’ll ever be again!) When I listened to some of her earlier podcasts, I was impressed and got some good new ideas, and since balancing my business, the kids, husband, home, homeschooling, etc., is my biggest struggle, I subscribed so I can catch episodes as they come out.


Here’s what we talked about:

  • Find out what my biggest joy is in working at home.
  • Specifics on prioritizing your home life and business.
  • My top 3 tips for working at home and balancing everything.

Then we talked about my specific business…

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