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As a drag racer, Joseph Jenkins lives life fast and dangerously until he almost loses it all in a car crash. He is left paraplegic and isn't given much hope for walking again by his doctors. Joseph has identified himself with racing his whole life and now he feels lost without it. While moping in the hospital, he meets a true friend, Elijah Salisbury, who gives him a new light on life and helps him to truly start living. It is in what he chooses to do with the small moments that matters as he lets God do the rest.

Adrenaline-coverAfter Joseph leaves the hospital to return home, Paul Sharpe (John Schneider), an old friend of his father's, comes back into his life and assists him in rebuilding his dream. He helps Joseph learn to drive race cars all over again and gives him back the passion he thought he had to let go of.

The love and friendships that are developed in this movie are touching and truly bring the audience to care for the characters. At first Joseph is angry and unmovable, but his relationship with Elijah softens his heart while Paul encourages him to race again with that heart. The passion Joseph has for racing shows how God steps in when it seems something is impossible. If it is God's Will, it will still happen, just not always in the way one expects.

Adrenaline is a great family movie with aspects of love, faith and friendship intertwined throughout it. It will make one appreciate what blessings God has given them and the miracles that He creates through the passions of the heart. What blessings and passions has God blessed you with and where have they taken you in your life?

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