He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way. Psalm 25:9

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love a great story. The best stories are the ones that have been told many times over and handed down from generation to generation. There is something really special about hearing a story of someone who lived in a time and place I can only imagine. I suppose the Bible is the perfect example of the importance of preserving a story by sharing and passing it down. Today’s post is some great stuff about living passed from generation to generation, then to a friend, then to some kids who may not really understand it yet but a teacher who thought the message was far too wonderful not to share. Get ready though, this story contains some information that is quite contrary to what the world would have us believe--so prepare to do some big thinking.

The story I’d like to share comes from a very good and wise man named Gordon Krupp, father of the awesome Fr. Joe Krupp. The story came to the middle lovelies and me via our new principal, Mr. Thelen, who worked with Fr. Joe. The story is about the basic rules for living; but before you can put the rules in action, you have to be clear about the purpose of living. The whole reason God put us on this earth was so we could return to him. Our main purpose in life can’t be to get rich, powerful and have the best stuff. The purpose is to get back to HIM. With that thought in mind, let me share the story.

A life worth living is worth living right, so here are the 5 basic rules for life.

Rule #1: Life is hard.

Rule #2 You are not important.

Rule #3 Your life is not about you.

Rule#4 You are not in control.

Rule #5 You are going to die. (Mr. Thelen didn’t share this one with a room full of 12-year-olds)

Two sub notes…God blessed us all differently and God definitely has a sense of humor.

So how’s that for a big dose of set-you-straight honest truth! As Mr. Thelen was sharing these rules I began to think of the people I admire or I am inspired by and these seem to be the rules they live by. These are the rules for people who are giants of humility and service. These are the rules for people who are joyful and peaceful. These are the rules for people who don’t complain, argue or compare. These are the rules for people who love Jesus with their whole heart. These are the rules for people who make life better for everyone and give us all a little glimpse of heaven here on earth.

When we watch the six 0’clock news and shake our head in discouragement, let’s think about what the news report would sound like if we all followed Mr. Krupp’s rules for life. Let’s think about how spoiled and selfish we can be when we have to wait at a stoplight or check-out line or when we don’t get immediate friendly service. Let’s think about how annoyed and offended we get when someone else gets credit even though they don’t work as hard as we do. Let’s think about how much time we spend trying to create the perfect life filled with all the latest, impressive, most convenient stuff.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for me to start thinking more about the story of the five rules and less about myself. I think I’ll start with rule number 2! I think I’ll take Blessed Mother Theresa as my example as I begin to work on this one. She achieved such greatness but never once entertained the notion that she was important only that God was and we know that he worked in mighty ways through her humble heart. Lord, help me think more of you and less of me! Thank you Mr. Krupp for wise words that can serve as an excellent compass toward Our Father!

A Seed To Plant: Post the five rules somewhere visible and begin living them today!

Blessings on your day!

Copyright 2015 Sheri Wohlfert
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