Overcome Business ObstaclesA key to being a successful entrepreneur is to know how to bounce back and work through obstacles as quickly as possible. A recent incident reminded me to embrace every obstacle that comes my way and transform it to learning experience.


A girlfriend and I meet at an upscale shopping center every Friday morning. We park and take a 45-minute walk in the beautiful residential center behind the stores.

After our ritual this week, I returned to my car and stunned by what I saw. It looked like an alien took a chainsaw from the left to the right through the back door of my 2011 Toyota Sienna. There was shattered glass around the car. While we stood there looking stunned, a man who worked in one of the nearby businesses greeted us. He and another woman saw the accident. They had all the information I needed to make a claim. He even drove me to where the men were still unloading items from their truck in the center.

These two men in a semi-truck drove past my van and turned right. However, the back flap on their truck had fallen down and apparently was the weapon that dug into the back of my van as they turned.

The van was still drivable – kind of, because I didn’t have tail lights. The insurance man filing the claim was helpful in facilitating me both in getting the van scheduled at the body shop and in arranging a rental car.

While it was an inconvenience, I was able to see the cup half full, especially with finding out who hit me rather than having to pay for the repairs myself. Yes, an entrepreneur’s time is precious, but it seemed everyone was as helpful as possible in remedying the situation quickly.

I could have easily felt sorry for myself with this latest blow. Earlier that week I had experienced a couple of setbacks and financial hits that already had me off balance.

A key to being a successful entrepreneur is to know how to bounce back and work through obstacles as quickly as possible. Here are four critical mindsets to help you make that speedy transition from bummerland to being able to see the silver lining in the clouds overhead:

1) What You Focus on Gets Bigger

You can gripe about your husband who doesn’t seem to get it and support your entrepreneurial vision. You can marinate an uncomfortable conversation with a colleague, family member, or friend. You can feel like a victim with every little piece of bad news the day presents. But, if you do you will only get more of the same. Try to see God’s hand in the bright side of what you experienced. Things almost always can be worse.

2) God Often Cloaks Juicy, Important Things Essential for Growth Inside of Obstacles

I do the St. Ignatius Daily Examen. It involves reviewing my day and seeing God’s hand through all the daily events. This habit opened my eyes to the many subtle blessings or insights or gifts that are often embedded in a cruddy experience or not-so-great news.

If you spend your time whining over what has happened instead of figuring out what God is trying to teach you, you will miss out on key puzzle pieces he is giving you that will unlock where you are stuck.

3) Normalize Obstacles and Make Timely Decisions

Making good, timely decisions and overcoming obstacles along the way mark the successful entrepreneur. Do not be pressured when something is getting in the way or when you are presented with a problem. Instead, recognize it as part of your job description and challenge yourself  to handle each roadblock with grace.

4) Let Your “Why” Bring You Back

Sometimes a blow can feel so great that the thought of quitting enters your mind. That’s when it is time to step back into your “why.” Why exactly did you become an entrepreneur? A big enough “why” can help you walk over those hot coals if that is necessary.  It can reignite your drive.

If your “why” isn’t powerful enough, you may need to do some work here. Dig deep on the benefits you are pursuing in having your own business. Consider what you will be giving up and how that will affect you in the long and short term if you throw in the towel.

Having your own  business is not for the faint of heart. The true measure of your success will be how well you can master your mindset and take that next step of action towards success.

The Christian Women Entrepreneurs Biz and Life Tip: Embrace each obstacle as a way for you to develop a tougher skill in your business  that leads you to your ultimate Christ-centered, lifestyle entrepreneur dream.

Copyright 2015 Christina Weber.
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