Catholic Mom Daily Gospel Reflections Logo with blue outlineToday's Gospel: Luke 16:1-8

The parable Jesus tells in today’s Gospel is more about effort than the action. Jesus was not defending or encouraging the behavior of the steward or his master; rather, he was highlighting the quick thinking, resourcefulness, and alliance-forming skills that the dishonest steward displayed. He had a goal in mind, and he pulled out all the stops to accomplish it.

This Gospel invites us to protect our souls like the steward tried to protect his own hide. It invites us to form alliances with those who will support us and help us survive. As disciples we understand that means the friends who will support our spiritual growth and our quest to attain eternal life. The characters in this Gospel were out to protect their earthly treasure. May this Gospel encourage us to defend, protect, and guard the true treasure in our life, the Lord Jesus Christ.


What do I consider my treasures to be? Do my efforts to protect my earthly treasure match my efforts to protect and prosper my eternal treasure?


Lord, help me seek you always. Help me value our relationship as the greatest treasure I can possess. Guard me against greed, and depict and create in me a spirit of generosity and honesty.

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