It is amazing how eventually everyone wants to come home. No matter what city or even what country I am in, upon entering a Catholic church, I feel completely at home. The same gospel readings for each day are read all over the world. There is one saint of the day. I recite and hear the same familiar prayers of the Holy Mass. I can generally sit in the same vicinity of my favorite pew. At the Mass, I am fed in mind, body, and spirit. I am fully comforted in my Father’s house.

Being inside a Catholic church reminds me that I am a member of my Christian family. I belong, I am welcomed and rejoiced over in the sacred presence of God. I am a forgiven sinner, repeatedly pardoned and constantly healed. Through the reception of the Holy Eucharist, I receive into my flesh, the very flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. I am made new again and prepared for the challenges of my life.

Attention, participation, and awareness of this reality during the Holy Mass transcends the inner, but rarely spoken, loneliness of being a human person. Yes, I belong to the communion of my Christian community today, but I am also reminded that there is more! Eternally, I will be in full union with those who are already in Heaven!

I can only grasp at the mysteries of our faith, but I understand a bit clearer than I did before. The more I attend Mass, the more I want to attend Mass. I want to come home to the summit of our faith. I want to be present the moment the priest lifts his hands during the consecration, when ordinary bread and wine are transformed into the actual body and blood of Jesus! “ This is My body...this is My blood” given up for you! That really means you personally! It really means me personally!

Jesus humbles himself to come home to us

and waits for each one of us to come home to Him.

Come Home to the Holy Mass

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