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This will teach me to go to bed (late) thinking to myself, first thing in the morning I'll take care of Small Success.

Yeah. That worked.

Wednesday evenings, the folk group for my parish has rehearsals. At my house. Because our instruments are portable, and this way people can bring their kids if they need to. We have more fellowship than rehearsing, but that's OK too. I think the relationships we've built has made us better musicians and parishioners.

But by the time everyone straggles out around here around 9:30, I'm all wide awake at a time when I'm usually already in my pajamas. Hence, better late than never, this morning!

A few successes:

Giant sugar cookies with sprinkles (8)c SMALLI got the cookies made for the Beta Club Bake Sale at TheKid's school today. (Beta Club is a service organization. They are raising money for the Pontifical Mission Society.)

While waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven, I did a fridge cleanout. For the record, cilantro gets nasty when you leave it around too long.

I have found a Foolproof Method for Getting Teenagers Out of Bed in the Morning. I just cue up some music he absolutely can't stand and blast it on loud until his feet hit the floor. Now, to be fair, this only happens after his alarm has gone off AND I've warned him once or twice. I highly recommend "Tragedy" by the Bee Gees and "Dance Dance Dance" by Chic. Mom-tested. Kid-hated. Works every time.

How's your week been?

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