My precious kids 14 years ago My precious kids 14 years ago

Time goes by so fast!

I remember as a new parent, parents of grown children would often remind me:

"Time goes by so fast! Treasure the time you have with your kids before they grow up and move away and its too late!"

Even knowing this and striving to live this way... this is my biggest regret.

I was good at playing with my kids when they were young, but...

How often I forgot or was too overwhelmed to enjoy, laugh and play with my teens?
... in the midst of taking care of the younger ones the midst of "all that had to be done"
... in the midst of teenage angst and rebellion
... in the midst of ____________________
(whatever is going on in life -- whether its a troubled marriage, ill health, financial problems, working 2 or 3 jobs...)

One day, your kids may move out of your home at 18 or 19 and never come back. Some even choosing to never speak to you again.

We always think this won't happen to me - to my family...

and I pray it won't.  But this is happening to many families in our day and age -- to many faithful, Catholic families.

To help us consider these things, I share this moving video:


In light of these thoughts, perhaps this is the perfect time to ask ourselves:

Are we spending enough time with our kids?
Are we enjoying them?
If not, what can I do differently?
How can I change?
Can I ask the Holy Spirit to inspire me with how to bring more joy and laughter into my family?
What do I need to consider as I set my priorities for each day?

Because today may be the last day we have with my family.  Another day is never promised to us.

And we can never know what lies in store for us...
so let's firmly decide to spend time more time enjoying our kids.
In simple ways
as a part of our daily life
while doing our daily duty
... even in the midst of hard times
even if its just 5 minutes a day.

With this in mind, may we keep every family in prayer! Let us have compassion for one another and pray especially for young people and families -- as they and our families are under attack as never before.

God our Father, we know you are with us!
Thank you for the graces and blessings of our children and our families.  We entrust ourselves to you.  Jesus, help us to love as you do, serve as you do, and be filled with the Spirit of joy and peace that carries over into our daily lives.  Dear Mary, thank you for holding our hands and walking with us.  Help us to truly take time to see others and reach out in joy and compassion to those with whom we live and those you place in our path.  This we ask in Jesus' Name. Amen!

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