On a cold November day in Ohio I decided to go Christmas shopping with my 3 young children, then aged 5, 3 and 2. I wanted to see what gifts the kids most wanted. As I wandered through the large store the presents started to blur and a thought popped into my head, “What can I buy my kids to show them how much I love them?” That day we went home empty-handed.

Copyright 2015 Christine Martinello. All rights reserved. Copyright 2015 Christine Martinello. All rights reserved.

Later that night, my husband Bob & I talked about the question and we decided to do something different. Instead of giving just Christmas presents that year, Bob and I decided to write love notes to each of the kids and each other. On Christmas Eve night we gathered in the living room, put all the love notes in our ‘Christmas Love Box’ and passed the box around. Each person took a note out and read it out loud to another person.

That’s how the tradition began and our family has done the tradition every single Christmas Eve since 1999. It’s our favorite tradition because it binds our family closer together in love and leaves us all feeling appreciated, unified and loved in a way nothing else does. We have a keepsake of our families love through various ages and stages. Having notes from when the kids were 5, 10, 15 and older are treasured keepsakes that I read over and over again.

After years of people asking me to “Make the Love Box”, in 2013 we created it so other families can use to express their love and celebrate the real reason for the season.

Many people have been deeply impacted by the Love box. God is unleashing love in families and work places like never before.

Rachael Bodie who is a mom of 2 young girls said, “’The Christmas Love Box™’ is the perfect way to lead your family in a tradition of love and gratitude for each other. . . and to experience the true spirit of Christmas.”

Peggy Slappey did it with four generations in her family. “The Christmas Love Box has gotten the holidays back to the family-focus.” Since Peggy’s mother lives alone, she was able to take home a box filled with love notes from her kids, grandchildren and even great grands. She found her mother in tears as she read and reread the box of love notes, which she keeps on the end table near her sofa. When she reads a note, she then prays for that loved one. This keeps her connected to her whole family.

Churches and nonprofits are using the love boxes also. We sent a box filled with notes to Pope Francis. Maureen Kornowa, Executive Director of a children’s center said they are using love notes into lessons being provided to young mothers. “This put the importance back on love by using the Christmas Love Box to talk about what really matters.”

Copyright 2015 Christine Martinello. All rights reserved. Copyright 2015 Christine Martinello. All rights reserved.

The Christmas Love Box is a true family affair that can be done year after year to create a legacy and keepsake of love. We treasure this tradition that unites our family in love-one note at a time. We hope you will too.

The Christmas Love Box is available for $29.99 with 2015 cards available for $9.99. You can learn more or order at www.christmaslovebox.com.


Chris photo13About the author: As an international speaker and best-selling author since 1992, Christine Martinello has travelled to over 25 countries and taught incredible leaders.  She is the inventor of ‘The Christmas Love Box,' best-selling author of ‘The Momager Guide’ and the ‘Real Women of Atlanta.’ As a wife to Bob (over 23 yrs.) and Momager to 3 young adults.  Life sure is an adventure.

Copyright 2015 Christine Martinello.
Photos copyright 2015 Christine Martinello. All rights reserved.