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A newly launched paper products company has set out to remind people to keep their hearts and minds fixed on what is True and Good and Beautiful by offering note cards, greeting cards, pocket notebooks, prayer cards, stickers, and art prints that draw on the rich artistic traditions of the Church.
Internationally acclaimed artist and designer Deacon Lawrence Klimecki is the driving creative force behind the project. “i was inspired by recent trends that deal with the dark and demonic in a modern, pop-culture sort of way. While much of it is intended to be fun and tongue-in-cheek, there is always a potential problem when we give to much attention to evil. I was reminded of the words of Saint Paul;"
“Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, set your thoughts on these things.”
"Angelic Supply Company is intended to do just that,” continued Klimecki, "keep our hearts and minds focused on virtuous things in a way that is fun and engaging and affordable for everyone. Saint Paul also reminded us that we are at war with evil and that war of good against evil is a constant theme in the products we offer. Evil seems to have the upper hand lately and so we see the side of good as something of an underground resistance. Angelic Supply fuels that resistance.”

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Angelic Supply Company’s initial offering includes small 5”x7” and 9”x12” art prints featuring the work of Deacon Lawrence as well as pocket notebooks and stickers that draw on the medieval symbolism of mythological creatures such as griffins and winged horses.
“One of my goals,” noted Klimecki, “is to connect a modern audience with the Christian symbolism of the past. Griffins called to mind the dual nature of Christ and winged horses pointed to the salvation of souls. I have also heard from moms that there isn’t much out there for their sons, so I wanted the designs to be something that would appeal to boys as much as girls. Our stickers provide another venue to share symbols of the Faith in a way that has become increasingly popular. Stickers are used as decorations on everything from letters, to computers, to lockers and bulletin boards. Many of the stickers feature ancient designs that have been updated to appeal to a more modern aesthetic.” A guide for home-schoolers explaining the symbolism of the images is in the works and will be offered as a free download through
The commercial offering is supported by a tumblr blog, that offers quotes, stories, art, previews of future products, and short prose pieces all meant to inspire an interest in the Faith in the context of the war against evil.
"Ultimately my goal is to help people in their spiritual journey by offering images that keep our eyes 'fixed on the light.’ Our products are things meant to be shared and passed around to others who need encouraging reminders that we are all involved in the spiritual war against evil. Sadly we have an entire generation that is in danger of losing their faith; if a postcard, or a vinyl sticker, or a notebook, can draw someone’s interest to learn more about where the images come from, perhaps even motivating them to learn more about the faith, that is a goal worth every effort."
deacon lawrenceAbout the author: Lawrence Klimecki is a deacon in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, California. He was ordained in June of 2008 and serves in the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish. His particular ministry is to encourage everyone, artists in particular, to use their gifts to serve each other and build up the Kingdom.