Book Notes 720 x 340 medium blue outline and medium blue pen _ Notes light blue (2)Here is the final installment in the 2015 Catholic Life Support series. These are new books written by Catholic authors. Our goal is to help encourage, support, and assist each other in our journey toward our greatest good – God. Enjoy:) Great books for great souls!

birds of a featherBirds of a Feather
by Kaye Park Hinckley: The first story in this collection sits a reader bolt upright. Two stories in, you marvel at this storyteller, who sends us flying over new country, a landscape of modern parables where faith runs river-deep. Kaye Park Hinckley seems to overflow with beautiful, heartbreaking love and lessons. A world with broken wings can surely make use of such stories.


Trusting God coverTrusting God with St. Therese
by Connie Rossini: Are your fears, weaknesses, doubts, and anger keeping you from intimacy with Christ? Do you struggle with despair? Let St. Therese teach you perfect trust. Learn how Therese of Lisieux trusted God through tragedy, scruples, spiritual darkness, and physical suffering. Connie Rossini pairs episodic stories from the saint’s life with memories of her own quest to trust.

body in prayerA Body in Prayer
by Neil Combs: A Body in Prayer was written for people who want a richer prayer life. From getting past obstacles (no time to pray) to learning to include God in the little moments of life, A Body in Prayer shows different ways to think about prayer and to use our whole bodies to pray. By being the hands of Christ, using our eyes see Christ in others and even using our stomachs to fast, we find many ways to be A Body in Prayer.

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