If you have an I love to be busy personal style, chances are good that this time of year is one of your favorites. Just as the style name implies, I love to be busy folks thrive on hectic schedules. In addition, they:

  • are sure to have at least one time-consuming hobby -- maybe even several of them.
  • are often disciplined when it comes to managing their time, but struggle to managing their things -- except, of course, for the tools they need to pursue the activities they love. 

Not surprisingly, the biggest stumbling block to organizational success for I love to be busy people is lack of time, so developing an efficient system is essential to their success. Here are a few things that help:

  • Divide and conquer. I love to be busy folks often benefit from having separate storage for separate activities (e.g. a backpack for school items and a duffel bag for their after school sport). Depending on their organizational style, they might also like compartmentalized storage that allows them to see at a glance what's missing from any given container. Separating supplies by activity also prevents items that are needed for one activity from getting mixed in with materials for something else, saving precious time when running from one thing to the next.
  • Keep it simple. Since time is at a premium for the I love to be busy person, the best containers are those that require as few steps as possible to access. This way, it's easy to stay organized, even while on the go. Lids that lift, pockets with Velcro and open containers are often good storage solutions.
  • Set aside time to deal with the inevitable pile-ups.  I love to be busy people may lack time, but they're usually good with schedules. Penciling in a time to pick up and restock, just as they schedule other activities, can help I love to be busy people restore order and keep track of all their varied supplies.

Once upon a time, I would have classified myself as an I love to be busy person. Over time, however, my love for a hectic lifestyle has waned. If you, too, have found that your love for busyness has faded with time, or perhaps you've even developed a love-hate relationship with busyness, maybe it's time to consider re-organizing your time.

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Just as we take a look at our possessions and decide what to keep and what to get rid of, so should we take a look at our calendars and find ways to let go of the clutter. Maybe it's time to consider using the idea of one in/one out not just with purchases (getting rid of something old when you buy something new), but with activities as well. Or even putting dates with ourselves into our calendars so we're not left without time to take care of ourselves. This season of preparation might be an ideal time to prepare our calendars for a peaceful transition into a less busy new year.

If you're an I love to be busy person, what are the key ideas you swear by? Share in the comments below!

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