Danielle Kneipp - lo rez uncropped (for web)It has been Danielle Kneipp's dream since a very young age to sing and entertain audiences. She was not aware in her younger days that her voice would develop from her singing in church or that her voice is totally suited to these songs from these fabulous song writers. The music may have an underlying message about God and the love he can bring into your life, but Danielle does not want to convert you, it is all about the joy and inspiration this music can bring to you, in your own life by your own decisions and actions. Danielle just wants to make good music for an audience that needs to hear the good word in a contemporary style.

In October 2015 Danielle released her debut album with 10 popular Catholic hymns and one original song written by Paul Kneipp- the title track You Are Everything. Preview this song here:

[audio mp3="http://catholicmom.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/08-Danielle-Kneipp-You-Are-Everything.mp3"][/audio]

Danielle began playing piano at the age of eight years old, and studied music for the next fifteen years, becoming a music teacher in Sydney Australia. She attended Primary School at St. Luke's in Revesby, New South Wales Australia and thoroughly enjoyed the Catholic community of singing in church and school. She met songwriter and musician Paul Kneipp in 1992 and they shared a great love for music and married in 1999. Along came their children Robin, Bernard and Gene between 2002- 2006. In 2010 Danielle volunteered at her children's Primary School, St . Monica's in North Parramatta, where she played keyboard and sang for the school liturgies. She then volunteered to perform the music for the weekend masses for St. Monica's Church. During this time, Paul suggested they record some of the songs they were performing at church in their home studio.

The difference Paul and Danielle bring to typical 'church music' is a contemporary arrangement to the inspirational songs originally from the 1970s and 1980s. It is music that makes people feel uplifted after hearing it performed well, but where they also feel comfortable to participate in. It is not too Christian Rock or out of touch with the audience, but music most people remember singing when they were younger. Danielle plays all the keyboard parts and Paul adds his polish to the recordings with his all-round musical finesse from his experience in developing, recording and producing artists that had Major label record deals in Sydney in the 1990s.

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