This triple chocolate-chip cookie recipe isn’t anything I’d call nutritious, but at least they’re much better than store-bought (when you have no idea what’s in them), or recipes that call for vegetable oils (ick). Hey, it’s Christmastime, though, right? Nobody said we eat perfectly around here, plus I thought you might like a new yummy Christmas cookie idea.

Isn’t this a cute cookie jar?

Our daughter made it in the home-economics enrichment class that she goes to once a week. She loves baking with me and is actually becoming really good in the kitchen. She cooks entire dinners now, too, and she’s only ten! (Don’t worry, I’m always nearby.) She really enjoys it and likes to watch cooking shows on the iPad, too. (The boys aren’t into cooking so much but I still get them into the kitchen with me sometimes to learn.)

So our daughter had a cookie exchange at school, and since I’m all about using my time wisely, we made four batches in the Bosch mixer so we could freeze some. (I still looooove my Bosch because you can make so much at once – find a Bosch here.) We’ll take some to our friend who turns 98 Thursday (cool, huh?), and also take some to our family Christmas parties.

But then I pulled a doozie.

I put in double the salt. I Googled it and found recipes for using a potato to soak up extra salt in recipes, but I didn’t want to risk it so I just made more. I ended up adding two more batches to that and it came out fine, for a total of six batches of cookies. In case you’re wondering, no, I couldn’t fit all that into the Bosch. Four it can handle fine, but not six. For this mess-up I had to put everything in but the flour and then take out half of that batter, add in half the flour, put it in a bowl, then add the rest of the flour to the rest of the batter. Fun times.

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