Once-in-a-lifetime Jubilee: First WINE & Shrine Pilgrimage to Italy

June 17-26, 2016

In this historical time in which we celebrate a Jubilee Year of Mercy, WINE: Women In the New Evangelization is excited to invite you to be part of the first WINE & Shrine Women’s Pilgrimage through Italy!

How blessed to have this groundbreaking pilgrimage during the Year of Mercy!

It is our hope and prayer that not only will we experience the tremendous graces that come with making a pilgrimage to Rome during a Jubilee Year, but that each of us will tap into one of the greatest gifts of God’s great mercy like never before—the Communion of Saints, specifically our saintly sisters.

Think about it! God loves us so much and desires so deeply to be in communion with us, that in His mercy He provides ample ways for us to know and love Him, to be in communion with Him. He has given us the Eucharist, the sacraments, the Church, Scripture, Sacred tradition, Apostolic Succession, prayer, relationships with one another, and relationships with the saints! God has given us these beautiful women, who are in His presence, to listen, to love, and to intercede for us! Now, that’s mercy!

This is going to be a spectacular pilgrimage! Our saintly female focus is unique, our timing during the Jubilee Year of Mercy is perfect, and our itinerary is beyond fabulous. This pilgrimage has been prayerfully planned with the intercession of some seriously saintly women who we will be spending time with in Italy—Catherine of Siena, Rita, Clare, Monica, Helena, Scholastica, Cecelia, and Priscilla—to name a few!

purple-grapes-553464_960_720We will walk through the holy doors in Rome, have a tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel with
American-born art historian Elizabeth Lev, experience the peace of Assisi and the beauty of Siena, celebrate Mass in historical churches, shop in quaint areas, enjoy a wine tasting and cooking lesson in Umbria, and grow in fellowship with our sisters on the tour and our sisters in heaven.

In each place, we will come to know a female saint in a new and intimate way. We will connect with our sisters, the mystics, martyrs, monastics, and “mommas,” and we will spend time with them, in places where they struggled just like us to live the will of God. There is something about being spending time at someone’s home that intimately connects us to that person. When we enter the homes and special places near and dear to the hearts of the saints, they enter our hearts in a new and life-changing way and we begin a beautiful friendship with these great women who are our sisters in the communion of saints.

So please join me, and my co-hosts Teresa Tomeo (Catholic author and talk show host) and Sarah Christmyer (Catholic author and co-developer of The Great Adventure Bible Studies), for this groundbreaking journey. And please feel free to share this information with your friends, your sisters, your mom ... and any woman who you think could benefit from time spent with fun Catholic women on fire for their faith! Oh… and as yet another bonus, (guess that would make this a win-win-win) our friend, Joan Lewis (EWTN’s Rome Bureau Chief and host of Joan’s Rome) will be joining us along the way!

Take advantage of this extraordinary time in Church history! Sign up today, and experience the graces that come with pilgrimage to Rome during a Holy Year…. And do it with your sisters!

For more information, a flyer, and to register visit: WINE & Shrine: Visiting the Great Female Saints of Italy.

Copyright 2016 Kelly Wahlquist