Why is it that we have the hardest time loving those closest to us? Maybe it's because we see them all the time, know they will still love us, or we just forget how to have fun with our family members. If we love God, who is Love, we can love others. When we reject His love, we become selfish and sinful in nature. God wants us to be patient, kind, and loving. By opening ourselves up to Him, we can share His love with the world. When we retreat into ourselves, we have a harder time giving. Receiving the gift of love gives us the love required to give back. We are then able to be at peace and be the kind of love God wants us to be.

I find that when I have less reflection time with God and myself, I am less patient and kind. It is a sacrifice and takes effort to carve out the time to recharge. As an introvert, I need time to enter into my mind and talk to God in a personal way. I usually do this deep thinking by writing. When I see my thoughts on paper, they seem to make more or less sense. Sometimes I realize how crazy they are, and other times, I reach an epiphany.

With a new year, I must reevaluate my time, space, and values. If taking time for myself refuels me, is it wrong? I often feel guilty taking time for me, but then resent those around me, losing my patience with ease. I need to get over myself, let God love me, and share that love. Do you ever feel guilty taking time to be with God?

Copyright 2016 Tanya Weitzel
Art/photography: Heart, Ben Kerckx, April 2, 2014, PD, via Pixabay