There are countless ways to grow spiritually as we walk through the season of Lent. Reading spiritual classics or daily devotionals works well for many people, while others prefer journaling or lectio divina. Some people plan retreats or pilgrimages while others focus on works of mercy. Depending on our temperaments, we choose the combination of spiritual disciplines that will be most helpful in growing closer to Christ during this season.

For the visual among us, one newer spiritual practice is the photo-a-day project. #HolyLens is a community of camera-carrying Christians who commit to taking a photo each day during Lent in response to a prompt. The prompts, drawn from the daily Mass readings, are posted each week. We share our daily photos on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #holylens. This way, we can find each other and offer encouragement to one another.

This project is about more than just taking photos. It's a spiritual discipline, designed to help us notice the places in our ordinary lives that God is already at work. It's inviting Christ's presence with intention. It's pausing for a moment of reflection each day in our otherwise busy lives. It is building community with others whose paths cross ours. It is holy work.

If this sounds like something you need this year as you prepare for Easter, please join us on our journey. You can find us on Instagram by searching the hashtag #holylens or on our Facebook page. (Be sure to like the Facebook page and subscribe to notifications so you won't miss any updates.)  You can also find more information (and the prompts for each week) here.

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