Today, I'm happy to celebrate the good news about the lovely new book Mommy, Mommy When You Pray.

mommy, mommy when you pray

This book was written and illustrated by one of our contributors, Kimberly Cook. In a recent article, Kimberly shared her personal story about penning and illustrating this precious children's resource:

Image credit: Kimberly Cook, used with permission Image credit: Kimberly Cook, used with permission

I ran out onto the porch, screaming, “It’s here, It’s here!” After the boys helped me open the box, dump out the styrofoam peanuts, put the peanuts in the recycling, knocked over the recycling two more times (just to watch them spill out onto the floor, and pick them up again), we finally read the actual book for the first time!

About Mommy, Mommy When You Pray:

Celebrate the simple joys of family life and teach your children that they are blessings, just in being who God made them to be. In Mommy, Mommy, When You Pray, a mother shares with her children the joy and thanksgiving she offers through prayer. The charming illustrations and playful rhymes will capture the imaginations of the children you love, while the enthusiasm of prayer will resonate with their hearts.

I recently had the chance to review Mommy, Mommy When You Pray for myself. As I read the book and looked at the illustrations, my heart flew back to those precious days when I would hold squirmy boys on my lap for storytime or snuggle with them in their bunkbeds as we enjoyed bedtime stories together. This book definitely would have been one that we would share night after night. You know those books? The ones you've read a hundred times but still enjoy with each and every re-reading?!

For my review at Amazon, I shared:

Kimberly Cook is a gifted children's author and illustrator. Mothers of small children will enjoy sharing this precious book with their little ones as a part of their cherished prayer time or perhaps as a bedtime story. Kimberly's rhyming prose is engaging. Her complimentary illustrations bring the text to life and will be a great prompt for conversations about prayer. You might think you are buying this book for your little ones, but in truth Mommy, Mommy When You Pray is a great reminder that as moms, one of our greatest blessings is to see and to serve the face of Christ in our children. Make this book a family tradition in your home!

I encourage you to check out this book for yourself and to consider adding it to your family's library. Books that remind us not only to pray, but WHY we pray are a precious investment for our Domestic Churches. Enjoy!

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A question for you: What are some of your favorite bedtime stories to enjoy with your little ones?

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