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Editor's note: We're thrilled to again be partnering with our friends at Unbound to be a part of their mission serving families around the world! Unbound has joined us as a "World View Wednesday" contributor. Each month, Unbound will be sharing a column to inform you about the lives of families around the world. We will also offer you the chance to partner tangibly with them by prayerfully considering sponsoring a child or aging friend. Lisa Hendey

Unbound Child of the month February

Meet Tifany Jane!


Tifany Jane Unbound Tifany Jane loves to sing, dance and color

Tifany Jane is a beautiful eight-year-old girl growing up in the Philippines. She likes to sing, dance and color. Her favorite subjects in school are math and English. She is one of the top two students in her class and she is very active in school activities. Tifany Jane helps at home by washing dishes and folding clothes.

Tifany Jane lives with her mom, dad and two younger brothers. Her dad works as a delivery helper and her mom works in the home. Her family also runs a small store, which helps them earn a small income when her dad cannot find work. The family of five all live together in a small home made of wood and metal sheets with a cement floor.

By sponsoring Tifany Jane, she will begin to receive the tangible benefits such as education and nutrition. This will also allow the family to be fully integrated in a local caring community, with programs and services designed to improve their quality of life and empower them to break the cycle of poverty.

To sponsor Tifany Jane (or other children), just click on this link!

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