Searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a loved one? Whether it be your spouse, a friend, or your children, you need look no further than this inspiring and heartwarming story about the saint whose self-sacrificing love and message of giving has come down to us through nearly 17 centuries and is remembered every February 14th – Saint Valentine himself.

How this obscure Roman priest and martyr, who neither courted nor married, became the patron saint of lovers has led to many stories and legends about him. Yet this well-researched and magnificently produced theatrical audio story portrays Saint Valentine as he surely must have been – a humble, kind and selfless follower of Christ whose charity always sought out those who needed it most. Young and old alike will be both entertained and edified by this heroic story. Indeed a gift worth giving!


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About the author:

Joe Carroll is the second-generation owner-operator of Regina Martyrum Productions. Joined by his wife, Mary, he re-established the distribution of these audio plays in hopes of allowing Catholic homes around the world to enjoy each saint’s legacy in dramatized format. Using the ever-lowering thresholds of technology for direct download distribution, Joe and Mary plan on expanding Regina Martyrum Productions’ reach and furthering the product line of dramatized audio stories. For direct contact, submit a form on the Regina Martyrum Production’s contact page.