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Today's Gospel: Luke 4, 1-13 - First Sunday of Lent

As we start Lent, we are being called to enter into the wilderness with Jesus. The Church gives us 40 days to join Jesus in the dessert, to avoid temptation as He did, to deny ourselves comforts as He did.

However, the Lord didn’t send Jesus out alone and He doesn’t send us alone - we have the Holy Spirit! “Jesus, full of the Spirit and led by the Spirit.” Surely it will be impossible to deny the devil on our own - who could resist such luring except with help from the Holy Spirit?


Am I full of the Holy Spirit? Do I listen to the Spirit's gentle ways?


Come Holy Spirit! Be with me and guide me this Lent, so I may not miss a moment of your gentle wisdom and loving tugging at my heart.


Copyright 2016 Amanda Menghini

I am married to a wonderful Catholic man and am a work-at-home mother to 5 beautiful children, aged 8 and under.