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One of our most crucial responsibilities as mothers is to pray for our families. Not only does this help us personally, but it also serves as a source of strength for our children, spouses and other family members. It’s easy to start off the day with work and chores and disregard the value of consistently making time for daily prayer. For years, I felt that I was too busy and overwhelmed to walk away from household and other such duties to pray but I have slowly come to realize that my idea of prayer as a busy mother was false. The reality is, I must be sure to squeeze it into my life when time allows.

What does it mean to be a mom of prayer? Essentially, our vocation calls us to continuously be giving of ourselves to our families. This is our source of joy and fulfillment. If we are running on a dry well, however, there is nothing for us to offer which is why we must build up our spiritual storehouses in order to give from them to others. Prayer also directly helps us overcome fear and strengthens our ability to trust in Jesus, which is our ultimate goal. Here are some easy ways to help us draw closer to the merciful heart of Jesus.

  1. Sign up to have the daily readings emailed to you.  Every morning when I wake up, I check my email to set my day in motion and then proceed to check the news of the day. As part of this routine, I read an email which includes the daily readings and a reflection. As we all know, God speaks to us through scripture and this is a quick and easy way to digest his precious words. What’s more, these scriptures are the same readings that are being read throughout the world. If you plan on going to Mass, this also serves as great preparation. Since I’m so often distracted with kids during mass and can’t give my full attention to the liturgy, having already meditated on the scriptures is tremendously helpful.
  2. Peg your prayers. Use moments in your day to remind yourself to say particular prayers. When you’re brushing your teeth, for example, say a short morning offering. When you’re doing the dishes, offer up a “sink prayer.” When I do the laundry, I pray, “for the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole word” and I try to pray for the family member whose laundry I’m currently handling.
  3. Mornings Matter. Mornings are a precious time to set ourselves up for spiritual success throughout the day. Consider starting each new day with just this one sentence: “Lord show me what you want me to do today and don’t let my will get in the way of yours.” When we make room for the Holy Spirit, we allow God to not only touch our own hearts but also to open our eyes to the needs of those we’re called to love and serve throughout our day. This simple prayer is a great way to begin seeing God’s hand in your life.
  4. Reset halfway through your day. Pause at the three o’clock hour, the hour of mercy, to reset your day with a “Jesus I trust in You.” If time allows, pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. When we take time out at three o’clock to honor our Lord, he gladly provides the strength we need for the rest of our day.
  5. Break up your prayers. Recently, I asked a dear friend how she says a rosary a day as a working mom with a house full of children ranging from toddlers to teenagers. She responded, “The first thing I do when I’m waking up is start my Rosary. I say 10 Hail Marys and after beginning it, I find time to finish it, especially in the car.”
  6. Ask the Holy Spirit to help. Consider deepening you relationship with the Holy Spirit. He’s there to strengthen us to better encounter our difficult moments, receive God’s peace and be not afraid. One simple way to do this is to repeat the words, “Come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit.” The Spirit wants to strengthen us and lead us to Christ. Visit for more ideas on how to grow in the Holy Spirit and watch free streaming videos about this topic.

Your prayer life is exceedingly significant in the life of your family. We need to be strong in our faith to help our families grow in theirs. There’s no better New Year’s resolution then to deepen your own prayer life!

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