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Welcome to the Sunday Brunch! We're serving up a buffet of articles from the past week. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in to enjoy some great reads.

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Catholic Catalogue Book Club -

Are you looking for a fun way to grow in your faith? Then you don't want to miss the Catholic Catalogue Book Club!

Meatless Fridays with CRS Rice Bowl: Kawunga

Lent 2016 CRS Rice Bowl and CM Meatless Fridays

This Lent, is partnering with CRS Rice Bowl in a special way, sharing the CRS Rice Bowl featured recipes on each Lenten Friday. Today, Kate Taliaferro samples Kawunga, a cornmeal dish with beans, a recipe from Rwanda.

Meatless Friday: Veggie Udon Soup

No time to cook? Mary Lou Rosien proves you can have a simple meatless dinner on the table in only 5 minutes. Try her Veggie Udon Soup this Meatless Friday!

How to Raise Kids to be Committed Christians

Kelly the Kitchen Kop shares several tips to help parents strive to grow and be better each day so when our kids are parents they can look back and say we were their good examples.

From Our Table to Yours: Lydia Borja

Join our contributors around the family table in this fun feature. Today, Lydia Borja shares a recipe for chocolate cupcakes.

Going Global from Home

Edibles and clothing, décor and transport – we touch the world as we traverse through our days. Marianna Bartholomew asks, wouldn't it be great to allow this gratitude to also stir in us a sense of responsibility -- one that transcends any sense of entitlement to these goods?

On Being in Need … and Invisible

When she couldn't get help with a delayed package, Christine Johnson learned a lesson about compassion for people in need.

Courage in the Small Things

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is also the most mundane. Katie O'Keefe talks about finding the courage to get the small things done.

STYLE Savvy: 3 Things Everyone Needs, Regardless of Style

Lisa Hess talks about approaches to organization that preserve our self-esteem as well as our stuff. Find out the 3 things we all need as we organize, regardless of our personal or organizing styles.

Meeting God Over Coffee

Lisa Jones shares how God used a friend to send her a message in the midst of her busy day. Even though she was wrapped up in her own issues and wasn't paying attention to Him, He sent her a messenger to remind her He is always there waiting and loving her.

Tech Talk: The Truth and Life Bible App

Marya Jauregui reviews the Truth and Life app and observes that the creators of this app have a mission: to educate Catholics on the beauty and the meaning of the Bible and to have it come alive for us.

Virtuous Gardens: 3 Plants for Prudence

There are a lot of ways to express Catholic teachings in a garden. Margaret Rose Realy, Obl OSB, discusses Virtuous Garden themes, beginning this first one on Prudence.


Our Question of the Week: what advice would you give to someone who feels that they haven't observed Lent well so far? Join the discussion and share your ideas!

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