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I don't know about you, but when I'm not pregnant sometimes it seems like everyone else is pregnant! A friend of mine and I are both not pregnant, but are starting to discern with our husbands trying to add to our growing families. When I found out about the Faces of Mercy Conference and was given an opportunity to preview one of the presentations, I was thrilled to view "Mercy Begins in the Womb" by Jennessa Terraccino.

Jennessa does a lovely job of encompassing a wide range of topics. She begins with Mary, our mother, in whose womb Divine Mercy was brought to life. Mary's whole goal is to bring us to her Son, Jesus. Jennessa explores how when we adopt the perspective, the vision of Mary, our eyes will be filled with love and mercy. We will see our spouse, our children, our friends, even strangers, with eyes that see through the lens of mercy.

Perhaps some of the most important people who need to be seen with eyes of mercy are those we cannot see - the unborn. Without giving to much away, Jennessa walks through the corporeal works of mercy and how each and every one can be practiced while a child is growing within its mother. My favorite was how through giving birth, we are ransoming the captive!

I found myself nodding along with Jennessa throughout the presentation: - "Yes, I totally get that!" "Wow, me too!" "Yea, I've done that before." I really connected with her and the message she had to share. Regardless of whether you are pregnant, trying, or counting your blessings, there is something in this presentation for you. I hope that if you haven't already, you will give yourself the gift of this conference. Be inspired, be motivated and discover God's beautiful mercy in your life this Lent.


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