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Catholic Catalogue Book Club -

Join us for the Catholic Catalogue Book Club!

Are you looking for a fun way to grow in your faith? Then you don't want to miss the Catholic Catalogue Book Club!

Copyright 2016 Catholic Conference 4 Moms. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Copyright 2016 Catholic Conference 4 Moms. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

 Catholic Conference 4 Moms

Read reflections on some of the CC4M presentations by writers and learn how you can access the videos for the entire online conference throughout the remainder of Lent.
Lent 2016 CRS Rice Bowl and CM Meatless Fridays

Meatless Friday with CRS Rice Bowl: Vary Amin'Anana

This Lent, is partnering with CRS Rice Bowl in a special way, sharing the CRS Rice Bowl featured recipes on each Lenten Friday. Today, Erin McCole Cupp samples Vary Amin'Anana, a recipe for rice and greens from Madagascar.

The Stations: on Location

Looking for a meaningful way to pray as a family this Holy Week? Megan Swaim shares her favorite way to pray the Stations of the Cross and gives tips for making this meaningful and life-changing prayer journey with your family.

Nourishing a Love of the Saints in our Children

Exploring the lives of the saints with your child is a meaningful way to instill a childhood love of our Catholic faith. Tiffany Walsh describes how her own son has come to appreciate stories of the saints via the child saint, St. Dominic Savio.

The Ten Questions that the Pope is Meditating on—And so am I

The Pope is on retreat meditating of these powerful questions from the Gospel. Here is a chance for your own mini-retreat based on those same questions with a few thoughts to get you started, not from Fr. Ermes Ronchi who is leading the Pope and other members of the Roman Curia, but just Tami Kiser, a mom from South Carolina.

Suffering Doesn't Lead to Hate…It Leads to Love

Christine Johnson reviews Jeff Cavins' new book,  When You Suffer, noting "To know that someone I always loved and could recognize, even in my childhood, as a saint could suffer from a Dark Night…it gave me such hope and comfort!"

STYLE Savvy: A Slightly Smaller Rectangular Space

Lisa Hess takes junk drawers from junky to organized with 3 words to live by: "Divide and conquer."

Litany of Humility

Sometimes it is uncomfortable for us to admit we need humility. During this Lenten season Deanna Bartalini began praying the Litany of Humility to become less concerned about things of this world and focus more on what God expects from her.

10 Ethical Fashion Must-Haves for Spring

Interested in building a spring wardrobe with ethical choices? Check out Colleen Mitchell's 10 must-haves for spring fashion--all ethically-sourced!

4 Reasons Parents Are Essential for Keeping Kids Catholic

Marc Cardaronella discusses 4 reasons, drawn from a sociological study, why parents are essential and irreplaceable in keeping kids Catholic.

Scaling Mt. Laundry, Crowdsourcing-Style: Twelve Tips for Getting Laundry Under Control, From People Other Than Myself

Somewhere, on the road to sanctity, one must scale Mt. Laundry. Rhonda Ortiz shares her (friends') tips.

Keys to Suffering Well from Author Jeff Cavins

Meg Matenaer reviews Jeff Cavins's new book When You Suffer: Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding, a practical guide that helps us both understand the great value of our suffering and how we can unite our suffering to Christ's by living our pain with great charity.

When God Chooses Your Lenten Practice

Most of the time we get to choose our Lenten practices, but sometimes God chooses them for us. Kelly Guest candidly shares with us what God has asked of her this Lent.

A Reflection on the Ride of Motherhood

A ride in an expensive sports car got Emily Jaminet dreaming, then realizing that her real masterpieces have two legs and are walking blessings!

Lenten Lessons from the Bottom of an Ice-Cream Pint

When the empty ice-cream container flopped on its side and stared accusingly back at her, Karee Santos learned some valuable lessons about finding strength to avoid temptation.

Can We Cut The Moms a Break?

Tommy Tighe is here to encourage you to stop comparing yourself to the rest of the blogosphere and be okay with who you are.


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