In a room filled with women dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the music ministry led us in song, read scripture, and brought our awareness to why we sing praises to God.

I wondered in such a faith-filled group, why I even needed to say a word. But I believe that the Holy Spirit doesn't require our understanding, but delights in our obedience, so I stood up to speak.

At one point during my talk, I shared a memory from my personal prayer time. I picked up a visual aid.  I held up a dingy, ordinary PVC pipe.  The pipe was filled with mud, debris, rotten sticks, and crumbling little rocks.

The Lord had shown me in prayer that this was what I looked like. All the gunk clogging up the pipe represented my need for healing and repentance. God in His great mercy and love, also quickly allowed me to see myself as a beautifully clean PVC pipe with the living water of grace flowing through me rapidly and powerfully!


Gushing Water iStock_000001902852Medium copy Image: Gushing Water, via istock photo. Licensed by author. All rights reserved.

As ordinary Christians we are conduits of God's grace, and we are needed greatly in our modern world to share the message of Jesus Christ. Each and every Christian has a ministry, a mission, and a part to play as a vital member of the body of Christ.

We live in a time when we are bombarded with new age and false teachings. Our churches are becoming empty. We are greatly needed to be clean, pure vessels ready to carry the living water to all who are thirsting.

There is one healer, only one, who can clear our debris, erase the residue of our sins, addictions and weaknesses. " Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light." John 14: 6-7

All are not called to the vital ministries of theologians, pastors, priests, or to the religious life of sisters. God calls most of us to share our vital and important role through the testimonies of our ordinary daily lives as members of the laity.

We are the children of God called to give joyful praise and thanks to God. We are each called to share our story of what God has done for us! We are called to tell others about Jesus Christ in a way that is unique to our own personalities and life circumstances.

The work God calls us to is not dependent on our abilities or bound by our limitations. The Holy Spirit works through us. The scriptures promise we will be given the words to speak.

To know Jesus we must spend time in conversation with Him, just as we do with any person we desire to know. In prayer we begin to recognize Christ's own personality, His ability to heal us, to wash us clean, and to fill us with living water.

The word of God is a love letter written to each one of us personally as we anxiously await Christ's return.

"I believe and therefore I speak." I Corinthians 4:13

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