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My five-year-old son was preparing for his very first t-ball game, scheduled that very next day. We were running errands together and since I had him in the car alone, I took this opportunity to get a read on how he was feeling about this upcoming game.

I reminded him that he had been practicing, he had friends on the team and I was sure he would have fun. I asked him how he was feeling about his game tomorrow.  He replied, “I am a little nervous because what if I do not know what to do all the time?”

I assured him that most kids will feel that way and he would be no different. I also reminded him that his father was the coach, so that meant, he’d likely be on the field or in the dugout with him. So, if at anytime, Luke had a question or wasn’t doing something correctly, he could always rely on his dad. This seemed to bring him a sense of comfort and confidence, which led to a great first t-ball game!

Hmmm… isn’t this how we should look at God, our Father? Maybe we are nervous, attempting something out of our comfort zone, or scared, worried, fearful, depressed, lonely or anxious.   We must always remember, that God, our Father, wants good for us. He is on our team. He is there to help us, comfort us, and guide us, if we ask.

I find that as much as I try to spend a few minutes (at least) in prayer, every morning, the day progresses and before I know it, I am resting my head on the pillow for the night. I remember my prayers from the morning but it now seems so long ago. I used to pray on my way into the office every day. The day would fly by and as I climbed back into my car at the end of my workday, I would feel like I left God in my car since I only talked to him on the way to and from work. It took me a while to develop a habit that helped  to remind me, that He is with me always. I can rely on Him always. During a contentious meeting, a tough sales call, or challenges with child rearing and balancing the needs of those around us, He waits for our call for help.

Just like my son needed a reminder that his father is in the baseball field with him, our Father is with us, throughout our ENTIRE day… whether we remember it or not. What is ONE thing you can do this week, each day, to call upon your Father at a time you would not normally? Can you spend a few minutes in prayer at a different time, maybe during your lunch hour, your children’s nap time, your commute, or anytime you can fit in, that reminds you to lean on Him, just as this t-ball player knew he could rely on his Dad.

God our Father, will always have you in the palm of His hand. I invite you to reflect on the ways that your Father shows you that He is with you always.

Copyright 2016 Meg Bucaro
Photo copyright 2016 Meg Bucaro. All rights reserved.