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Today's Gospel: Mark 11, 27-33

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is approached by His familiar foes – the chief priests, the scribes and the elders who are persistent in their scheming to deter Him from living out His purpose. They try to ensnare Him in the trickery of their questions by casting doubt on the source of His authority. But Jesus knows there is no point in trying to prove to them the source of His authority. He therefore refuses to answer them and does not engage them any further.

To really ignore His detractors in the way that He does, and have His focus firmly fixed on His mission, Jesus first of all had to know who He really was and what his mission and purpose were. Through the Gospels, we learn that Jesus was able to do this through a constant connection with His Father at prayer and in doing the will of the father.

Just like Jesus, our lives too have a purpose. We are all meant for something, regardless of our pasts or what people may think of us. But if we must wade through the debilitating voices of the world and of self-doubt and of self-condemnation that detract us from our purpose in life, we must to know who we really are and walk in the consciousness of the precious gift that God has given us in Christ Jesus.

To do this, we must embrace Jesus' way. We must keep a constant connection with God, author of our lives, through daily prayer, reading the Word and by living a life committed to doing the Word of God. Doing so will give us solid-rock faith with which we can stand up to everything the enemy throws our way without wavering from our purpose in life.


Do I know my purpose in God well enough that I could not leave it for anything the world could throw at me?


Lord God, I praise you because I am a masterpiece of yours created for good works. Help me not to be discouraged in life because of what my past or people may say about me. Amen!


Copyright 2016 Shula Muleba

Shula Muleba is a seminarian of the Catholic Diocese of Ndola, Zambia. Inspired by God’s saving works in Christ, his passion is to share the love of God to all people especially to the hurting and broken-hearted. His pastimes are reading and playing soccer. He is currently doing his third year of theology. He can be found on twitter at @shoez5.