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Today's Gospel: Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18

You likely balance many things on a daily basis - family relationships, home needs, daily responsibilities, children, work requirements, etc. It is so easy to be frazzled at times, but certainly we know there is a place of peace in it all. I do not think God ever really asks too much from us. Having a sincere heart and mind, and being willing and offering help to others in need, are necessary to be close to God.

The scripture reading definitely identifies that showiness is not a path to holiness, whether in giving alms, praying, or fasting; but any normal thing we do during a day can be a real work of mercy. We ought to imitate Jesus who, out of love for humanity, quietly went about doing good works with sincere love for us. He even asked the people receiving miracle cures not to discuss what he had done with anyone else. Love is our cause, humility is our method, and living the Gospel with joy is our calling.

Whether we act for our own needs, or the needs of others, gentle humility with love in a normal day makes all the difference. Doing good works in secret, not for the praise of others, means that the real reason we do these things is to focus on the act itself. If we proceed with single-mindedness, and a firm purpose of good in mind, God can help us and those we help and pray for through very difficult circumstances.


Lord, I pray for humility, love, and joy, as I carry the cross in my life and help others with theirs in your lovingly human example of holiness.


Have I allowed the quiet, loving example of Jesus to be the manner which I do good in this world?


Copyright 2016 Bobby Nisbeth

I have been a Christian since 1997, but converted and confirmed Catholic in 2012. God has been leading me my whole life, but when I realized I can consciously co-operate with His will, especially through the sacraments, leaps and bounds of understanding and freedom from sin were possible. I am currently in formation as a Lay Dominican.