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Today's Gospel: Matthew 10, 7-15

When thinking over today's reading in Matthew, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed as we think about how we might live out Christ’s directive to His disciples. Few among us can easily leave our families and homes as the disciples did.

Let’s think of it in another way. Jesus told the twelve to go only to the lost sheep of Israel, their own people. Surely our ministry can begin with our relationships with family and friends.

Certainly the Kingdom of God is all around us - He is in control of world events. The assurance that His presence and purpose is active in our lives can be of great comfort.

Especially as parents, sons and daughters, we may spend a lot of time tending those who are ill and we drive out demons of despair and depression with assurance that God is good and loving.

As you bring with you the Holy Spirit and the peace of Christ in your ministry, sometimes it is not welcome. This can be because of many things. If your ministry causes agitation, it may be better to pray for the loved one at home. Sometimes when the Holy Spirit is working, personal change can be difficult. If your words aren’t the ones they are ready to hear, pray that God sends the right person to open their hearts and ears.

When you are more comfortable with the thought that you have been ministering to your family and friends according to their needs, consider branching out into your community. A local food pantry, Habitat for Humanity, a prison ministry, taking Holy Communion to the sick - there are many ways to serve our Lord and share the good news of Jesus Christ. As God has freely given us salvation, so we can freely and joyfully minister to others.


Who do you know that will welcome your sharing by word and deed? Who will most benefit from your prayers and why?


Lord, please direct our path to those who need You, and give us the discernment to know how to best share Your good news. Amen


Copyright 2016 Karen Ann Souza

I'm a 64 year old wife, mother and grandmother. I converted at age 24 and have been working in religious education ever since. I also am part of an active retreat committee. We've had several successful retreats over the last 10 years, and my writing has been a part of it that I especially love.