I was going to the Mall, but my thoughts were especially filled with someone in need of prayer that day.

It occurred to me that I could actually do something that would make a difference. I could go to Jesus and pray for that person. I was only blocks from an adoration chapel. I felt my feet change direction and before I knew it I was on my way.

I like this adoration chapel mostly because it is always open. Someone is assigned to every hour so that Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament is never left alone at any time, while visitors are always welcome. Passing through the wooden doors, I settled into a comfy chair with a kneeler. Peacefulness immediately began to settle upon me as I left my busyness behind. It was obvious that those gathered there understood and reverenced this holy place, as they were already deeply engaged in prayer.

Settling down further, my eyes were drawn to the stained glass windows depicting the life of Jesus. The afternoon sun filtered through the colorful glass while dappling light on the surrounding shrubs. As beautiful as this was, an obvious contrast was inescapable. The peaceful atmosphere of the interior chapel filled with adorers, was only thirty or more feet away from a busy street with traffic whizzing by constantly. But instead of being a distraction, the contrast depicted the outer world and yielded an even greater delight in the opportunity for a time of interior peace and quiet within the chapel walls.

“ Could you not watch one hour with me? " One hour was my goal. One hour to pray for the needs of someone else. Inspired by grace, it was my way of doing something instead of nothing when someone else was hurting.

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I later found out that during that hour, the person I prayed for was greatly blessed. All thanks be to God!

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