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Today's Gospel: Matthew 12, 38-42

I’m shaken by Jesus’ words about a generation who seeks a sign, because I look for signs too. In fact, I’ve been convinced that God and I have a secret handshake!

It started years ago when I took up running. It was a hectic, busy time and I found myself going days without praying or reading Scripture. I prioritized fitness, and each run I found shiny pennies. The first time, the expression “pennies from heaven” popped in my mind. I felt blessed at being reminded that I wasn’t running alone.

And then one day I saw a dime and I reasoned that this was even greater a blessing – 10 pennies from heaven! All of a sudden I found dimes everywhere. And whenever I found one I felt it was a small tap on the shoulder from God saying to me “Remember me - I’m here – you are not alone.”

Reading this passage makes me consider that I have miniaturized Jesus’ significance, down to the size of a dime. Surely “there is something greater here” – something I should be willing to take the hard road to find. The next time I find a dime I will still pick it up, but I won’t think of it as a sign.

Thankfully, I don’t have to sit in a whale’s belly for 3 days or travel from the ends of the earth to spend time with Jesus. But, instead of waiting for a shiny distraction to surprise me, I can faithfully make time to sit with Him and His Word in prayer.


In what ways have you belittled the greatness of our Lord and Saviour? What would it mean to travel the ends of the earth or be swallowed whole by the awesomeness of Jesus?


Jesus, deliver us from superstition and the silly ways in which we miniaturize you. Help me to remember that, even without signs, for the faithful, “There is something greater here.”


Copyright 2016 Mary Jill Malleck

I am a mother of four grown children who was recently blessed with a first grandbaby. I share my faith and unshakable belief in Jesus with my husband Michael, and we pray that we can conscientiously demonstrate Christian love and faith to our family and friends.