Back in the spring my son shared with me that he had been an altar server during the school Mass on Thursdays. My reaction was, "Are you telling stories?" and he said "No, mom I thought you would like that." I quickly said," Of course, I love that." He then began telling me that he had signed up on his own, since he is a fourth grader and he can do that.  He began shadowing during the school Masses.

I was overjoyed; my heart was bursting. For years, I had made the tiny suggestion that maybe he would consider being an altar server. I would point them out during Mass. In my mind, I thought I would have to take the lead, but apparently the Holy Spirit had another idea.  He touched my son's heart, and he decided to be an altar server all on his own.

Now, of course, my son is nine and can be very set in his ways so before school ended he said that his altar serving days were over. I, of course, smiled and said, "It is your choice," though inside I was sad.

Then early this summer, after Mass, I was approached by one of the altar server coordinators to see if he would like to serve at Sunday Mass! I, of course, said, "That would be wonderful but let's ask him." Thankfully he said he would.

He has been serving for about two weeks now and the wonderful thing is that I have been able to witness his call to serve. I know that my son will probably not be a priest someday, but I am happy to know that he wants to serve Our Lord who loves us no matter what. I try to remind myself, when I feel not so good about my mothering, that maybe I have done one thing that will help my son in eternity, and that is foster a relationship with  Our Lord.

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In the days to come when I feel defeated and it feels like I haven't done anything right, I will try to remind myself that all those small efforts and trials that I experience as a mom do help form my son  in the end. I might not always see the results here on Earth but hopefully I will in heaven.

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