I don't know if you're thinking about Back to School yet, but the stores sure are. Whether it's crayons and binders, dorm decor and storage or calculators and laptops, "essential" supplies seem to be everywhere we look.

Before you plunk down money on a pile of have-to-haves that turn into has-beens, take a moment to think about how your child will interact with those supplies (or not). Some kids need and use every item on the list in the manner in which it was "meant" to be used. Others can't seem to understand that papers are supposed to go in the pockets of the pocket folder and in the rings of the binder. These behaviors aren't signs of organizational giftedness or its utter demise; rather, they're clues to your child's styles.

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Before you make your shopping list, kick back with a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to scroll through the posts below. They might save you time, money and aggravation.

Happy shopping!

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