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By Allison Gingras: "Replenished by the Grace Trifecta" Courtesy of Ave Maria Press. All rights reserved.

Replenished by the Grace Trifecta

May the spirit of Mary be in each one of us to rejoice in God!
Saint Louis de Montfort

Our Blessed Mother is an incredible example of the power of being full of grace. We see, through her example, how we can overcome many obstacles through God’s grace. Grace is the undeserved yet freely given gift of God’s Holy Spirit living within us. When my “grace well” is running dry, I replenish through the grace trifecta: prayer, scripture, and sacraments.

Prayer opens the channel of communication between me and the heavens so I may be open to receive grace. Spending time in the Word of God undeniably augments my prayer life. In the scriptures, I encounter God in an intimate way, opening the ears of my heart to hear his voice. In God’s word, I am instructed, counseled, and encouraged. In the Eucharist, I am nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ. This is all grace.

When I feel overburdened and unable to see beyond my fear, stress, or the enormous obstacles before me, I know that with the grace of God I will overcome. Our Blessed Mother shows me that to be full of grace means to be open to God’s will and ready to say yes to whatever that will is.

Dear heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of grace—that amazing endowment of your Holy Spirit living within us that helps us to answer yes to whatever you will ask of us, to overcome our burdens, and to provide strength to help us live a holier life.

To Ponder: When was the last time you came to the well of God’s grace for strength to overcome life’s challenges? When was the last time you took advantage of the grace trifecta of prayer, scripture, and the sacraments?

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