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God’s creation surrounds us every moment of our existence. The air we breathe, our vision, hearing, heartbeat, our very life is God’s creation. Our culture is suffering from the lack of the centrality of God in our lives.

A few days ago I had the great pleasure to talk for a few hours to Father Lawrence, a priest who is now at the Cathedral. He is from Nigeria. He spoke of his culture and the love and passion they have for God. Half of the population is Christian; the other half is Muslim. The public schools have classes for Christian lessons, and classes for Muslim lessons. God is also in their government. He said he prays every day on his knees that Nigeria will always keep God in the center of their lives. From Friday at 1:00 pm through Monday morning, almost every shop and business is closed to celebrate the different religious practices of both religions. Nigerians respect, praise, and worship God and Allah. Muslims and Christians attend the same schools. He said it is a different culture. The latest statistic in the US says that 75% of American Catholics do not attend Mass weekly. I told him this and he said it is the opposite in Nigeria.

God is at the center of our existence. God is the reason for our heartbeat. God is forming the voice of our conscience. God loves us without fail, forgives and offers mercy endlessly and is love. Why would we turn our backs on God? For freedom? What type of freedom severs our relationship with our creator? As an adult child, I don’t believe I have to turn my back on my parents in order to have freedom. So, why would I turn my back on God?

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When we acknowledge that God is the center of our lives our entire outlook on life changes. When we accept and mature in our relationship with God learning to love unconditionally our world benefits from peace, service, and goodness to all people. Why wouldn’t we want this type of world? We need to put God back into America. Whatever religion you subscribe to, the Creator created it all and loves all of us and teaches us to love all of creation.

Copyright 2016 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp