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"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned... I doubted the power of this journey of consecration!"

If I'm completely honest, my doubt was rooted in pride. I have been a catechist for about forty years and a Catholic writer for over twenty-five; it isn't often that something really feels new and challenging to me. I was so wrong. I have been truly humbled.

Almost thirty years ago, my husband and I uttered a childlike prayer of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We consecrated each newly-conceived child of ours in the same way. We didn't exactly know what we were doing or how to do it, but we offered ourselves up with trust.

As the years went on, our faith and understanding grew. We developed a devotion to the Sacred Heart and enthroned our home with a beautiful image of Jesus' Sacred Heart that my husband had given me as a birthday gift.

Recently, we were given an opportunity at our parish to renew our Consecration following study, prayers and lectures based on Fr. Gaitley's 33 Days to Morning Glory. After the Mass on the Feast of the Assumption we renewed our commitment. Over twenty of us consecrated or renewed our Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

This journey has changed me profoundly. I didn't expect that. In retrospect (as I confessed in preparation for Consecration), I should have. It hit me after receiving Communion. I couldn't take my eyes off the crucifix. I have always been drawn to the crucifix, and as a child I would stare at it so long that I believed Jesus would sometimes lift his head and look back at me. This time was different ... I was completely transfixed. The draw I felt was physical, as well as, emotional and spiritual. However, I was feeling a slight tinge of guilt. This night was all about Mary, yet I was barely giving her a thought. Then, it hit me. This was the exact promise of the Consecration; she would place me at the foot of the cross to look at her Son and feel His love for me!

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Our promise made years ago, in ignorance and innocence, had been brought to fulfillment. My heart had been profoundly changed and I felt myself in the presence of the Lord's Divine Mercy. I cannot express my gratitude to Our Lady and my excitement knowing that this is only the beginning.

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