Finding Faith is a Catholic youth novel which focuses on how the devastating loss of loved ones can shake one’s faith. Living in a secular world is difficult, and even more so without strong Catholic role models and spiritual leadership in the household. This book shows the common struggles that we all face in society, and how susceptible teens are to falling in with the wrong crowd and further from God.

When Andrew and Angela Jensen’s lives are turned upside-down, they lose everything they know and are forced to start all over. Reeling from the drastic life changes and without the proper guidance, their faith is challenged through intense peer pressure. Andrew, a senior, joins a group of misguided boys whose peer pressure begins to take him on a downward spiral. Meanwhile, Angela, a freshman, who has a strong background in ballet, is persuaded by the school’s head cheerleader to join the squad and starts to get molded into their controversial lifestyle.


Told through the eyes of a teenage brother and sister, Finding Faith captures the essence of the devastating effects of peer pressure in today’s world. It explores how degrading music and lyrics can desensitize us and negatively influence how we treat each other, as well as how peer pressure can lure us to compromising our morals and religious values. Themes of vandalism, cheerleading, dating and the prom are all woven in this realistic modern-day story.

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Yet the most enticing theme of the book is faith and that no matter how far we fall, if we turn to God and trust in Him to give us strength, we can overcome all temptations. The lure of sin is strong; however, God’s love and mercy will always be stronger. The pathway to redemption may not seem easy, but there is hope for us all.

Finding Faith inspires readers through the hearts and minds of realistic characters and insights into their struggles that we can all relate to as people, and especially Christians. It shows the importance of purity in our lives as well as building a strong relationship with God and encouraging others. With an uplifting message of hope, Finding Faith is an eye-opening book that will touch your hearts and inspire your souls.

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anthony-lampe-author-headshotCopyright 2016 Anthony Lampe

About the author: Anthony Lampe was inspired by God to write Finding Faith. He is a devoted Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus. He lives in southern California with his wife and children. Finding Faith is available at all major online retailers.