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Today's Gospel: Luke 16:1-13

I've been struggling with stewardship for years, especially in light of the financial gifts and wealth I have.

Oh, we're not rich. Not by any means of the imagination, at least not by first world standards.

But I have friends who travel to Third World countries and missionaries who share stories of hardship that I can't even imagine. Those stories, along with my own husband's stories of growing up poor, have made me realize how very much we have.

And how very badly I manage it all.

When I read today's Gospel, I was struck by a familiarity that didn't feel so great.

I've been in debt up to my ears and had it forgiven. I've been in bad financial positions and, thanks to the understanding and generosity of others, been able to scrape out.

Today's Gospel, though, is as much about mercy as it is about stewardship. It's about not just receiving what others offer, but in being proactive in offering that mercy to others.

Maybe it's best summed up as avoiding the hypocrisy that the steward shows to the man who owes him. Did he respond as he was treated? Not so much. In fact, he responded in a way that hits a little too close to home for me.

I'll be praying over this Gospel as I continue to wrangle my budget and teach my children about good financial management. More importantly, I'll be holding the lessons of mercy close to my heart so that, instead of the lesson being one of money, it is instead one of love of neighbor.


Who gets under my skin and owes me big time? How might I offer them mercy today (even if just by praying for them)?


Lord, thank you for your mercy and understanding. Hold me close as I struggle through my days, and help me to remember that all good things come from you.


Copyright 2016 Sarah Reinhard

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