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Today's Gospel: Luke 8, 19-21 - St. Andrew Kim & Companions

By Jesus's words "My mother and my brothers are those that hear the word of God and do it," Jesus is elevating His relationship with those in front of Him. That is to say, Jesus values those that are before Him, equal to His blood relatives.

Consider how His audience may have felt. Consider how His family may have felt.

I imagine His biological family members not wanting to draw attention to themselves and trying to blend in with the crowd. I imagine others, recognizing His mother and her companions, getting flustered and wanting to seat them in a place of honor. I imagine Jesus holding the attention of the crowd because He sees each of them individually as a member of His family and therefore to be valued.

In this passage we are drawn to conclude that family is not limited to those we share a last name with. He teaches us that family reaches far beyond any familiar bonds. Jesus' words prescribe just how we are to be in relationship with one another.

Our bond to one another transcends our limited human understanding of family and encourages us to see each other as He sees us, His family.


Prayerfully consider who God has put in your path. Do you hear His word? In what tangible way you can act on God's word to grow in deeper relationship with His family?


Thank you, Jesus, for the grace of faith. Give me the courage to hear the word of God and do it. May Your spirit be upon me as I serve my brothers and sisters according to Your most holy will.


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Gina Felter has been involved in religious education ministry for more than 20 years as a Catechist, Director of Religious Education and volunteer. She can be found writing on faith, technology, and New Evangelization topics on CatholicMom.com.