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Lately, we've had fun opportunities to bring you sneak peeks at "outside the box" product and gift ideas. Such is the case with this week's product review: the 3D Coin Art US Flag.

Here's an overview of what's inside the box:


And a fun look at how it looks while being filled:


Now that we live in Los Angeles, I find myself collecting coins more frequently for use in parking meters. This means that I get "stuck" with a significant amount of pennies and nickels that won't go in the meters. I've been using those to "fill my flag", but will likely end up giving this bank to one of my younger nephews soon as a fun gift.

Using a bank like this has a few benefits for a young child, including:

  • Teaching them the importance of saving
  • Practicing counting and sorting skills
  • Providing an opportunity for "stewardship" lessons - how special would it be for a family to "fill the flag" and then choose a charity to support or make a special extra donation to their parish?!

The "flag" is designed to be filled in part by part, but the pieces are easy enough to open that if you decide to "recycle" the flag by filling it and later emptying it to deposit or donate, it can easily just be filled again. I probably wouldn't use this as a "decoration" in my home, but I do know that my sons would have LOVED collecting coins with this bank when they were in early elementary school years.

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