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October is the month of the Rosary. The Rosary is a beautiful and important prayer which allows our prayers to be perfected by our Heavenly Mother as she presents them to Christ for us. It is a prayer for every day, a prayer for times of need, a prayer for reflection.  However, it is a prayer some of us neglect to use for various reasons. It’s long. It’s repetitive. And for some of us, it seems to induce sleep!

And so, in her wisdom, the Church dedicates the month of October to the Rosary. This is the time to take some steps to dedicate time to the Rosary in our daily life if only for the month. So, if you are like me and fall off the Rosary wagon sometime during the year, and are wondering when you would find Rosary time during the busy day of work and kids and the minutiae of life that seems to want to block our prayer life at every turn, join me in taking some baby steps to focus on the Rosary this October and hopefully, for the whole year long.

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  1. Decade at a time. Sometimes knowing that we can’t find a half hour to say a Rosary stops us from saying anything. I am guilty of this in all my relationships. I don’t have time to talk on the phone without constant toddler interruptions, so I end up calling my mother much less often than I should. Then, I have so much to say, I can’t get it all in. But a friend of mine calls his mother every day just to check in for a few minutes. So, I’m going to try this approach with my Heavenly Mother. When I hop in car, the shower, on hold with the doctor’s office, I will try to remember to say a decade. If I don’t manage it, I can manage one decade before I fall asleep.  And, at least I called.
  2. Think of the kids and get crafty. Get a coloring book or print out some pages on the mysteries of the Rosary and put the pictures up all over the house. Older kids and adults can learn to make a Rosary and have them blessed by your pastor. Create a special place to keep Rosaries. Create a Rosary home by each bed, in the living room, for the car or in a special bag in your purse or briefcase.
  3. Pick a name. Have each member of the family choose the name of another and be the Secret Rosary helper for the month. Pray for one another with the Rosary. Share links and encouragement on the Rosary. Maybe get a small gift like a Rosary CD for the car or a Rosary ring.

Of course, if you are ready for big kids steps or a Rosary marathon, go for it! But don’t be afraid to start with baby steps.

Do you have a plan or goal for the Rosary in your life this October?  Please share!

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