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I feel honored whenever I hear my therapy practice clients' stories as they open their wounds so I can help them. I try to be respectful of them when that happens. I am in a sacred place with them in their vulnerability.

Seeing people’s inside and not the outside picture they show to the world helps me have empathy, compassion and look past the obvious. In a way, experienced mental health professionals can see right through you or at least cut through the facade of the  face most like to present to the world.

But, I’ve been a bit surprised to see that same, and to some degree even deeper, degree of pain and vulnerability as I talked to my coaching clients and prospects.

I don’t know if it’s because of the therapy blood that runs through my veins or my style that makes people feel relaxed. But I’ve experienced very emotionally intelligent people in my coaching practice

  • Cry
  • Share the most intimate details of past hurts and abuses
  • Acknowledge their pain of disillusionment in their life and business despite appearing to have it all
  • Open up about the pain caused by deep longings to do and be more that God put in their hearts and that they’ve ignored.

It continues to be a privilege that God allows me to be in that space with people.

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Don’t listen to those who advocate keeping your emotions out of your business. I say your most powerful move is to keep your business emotional.

  1. Your emotions drive you. Your emotions are part of a bigger unconscious process that to a large degree controls the action you take or don’t take on a daily basis. They hold the keys to experiencing or forgoing the “success” you are looking for in your business and personal life. Emotionally intelligent people learn to let their emotions guide them, as opposed to push them out of the driver's seat of their own life.
  2. Emotions are energy. People who are intentional about their growth benefit from the energy that comes from a proper relationship with your emotions. An emotional breakthrough that leads to uncovering an important personal or professional insight often gives people the energy to take positive actions. These actions are the building blocks of manifesting the changes they desire. Releasing emotions energizes you to do things that you previously were too unempowered to do.
  3. Blocked emotions hold you and your life captive. People often have no idea the effort it takes to prevent the free flow of your emotions. This tied-up energy imprisons you and your dreams. Moving towards manifesting your Holy Spirit-inspired vision can feel  like bit by bit you are letting go of one helium balloon after another until you almost feel that you can fly too.

The more emotional you are about your biz and life, the more the passion will drive you to new heights.

Catholic Biz Owners on Fire Biz and Life Tips:  When you let your emotions flow while still staying in your command center and deciding what to do with them at any given moment, you begin to tap into a supernatural power that takes you beyond what you even imagined.

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