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"Crowdfunding for Busy Moms" by WonderWe (CatholicMom.com) Photo via Deposit Photos. Licensed by WonderWe for use at CatholicMom.com. All rights reserved.

You’re a taxi driver, chef, nurse, coach, counselor. And that’s just a snippet of your day. You’re a mom. On top of that, you’re also a working professional, PTO coordinator, Sunday School teacher, committee member, volunteer. Moms today have busy schedules and are pulled in all sorts of directions; balancing home life, career, church, charity and much more. WonderWe, a new online fundraising platform, is there to help busy moms.

Let’s say have a big project coming up for the children’s ministry at your church. The end goal is to build a new playground for the kids. But fundraising of any sort can be a big task. How will you raise money? Where will you seek donors? Will it be enough to cover the final financial goal? With WonderWe, however, fundraising – also known as crowdfunding - is free, quick and easy for anyone to use.

"Crowdfunding for Busy Moms" by WonderWe (CatholicMom.com) Courtesy of WonderWe. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

In as little as five minutes, a fundraising campaign can be launched. WonderWe showcases campaigns revolving around faith, family and friends. They don’t shy away from conservative issues such as pro-life efforts, church missions and Catholic values. And WonderWe, unlike other fundraising sites, doesn’t take a profit from the funds raised. That means more money for your cause.

Along with its positive atmosphere, WonderWe features innovative technology above and beyond other fundraising sites. There’s the ability to have peer-to-peer fundraising, for example. This allows supporters to start their own mini online campaign to raise a percentage of the main financial goal. They ask their family, friends and coworkers to give.  Those supporters can then ask their family, friends and coworkers to start a mini campaign, and so on, bringing in far more supporters than with traditional fundraising. Plus, a large financial goal seems more feasible when broken down into smaller increments through peer-to-peer.

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There’s also the ability to bring on several administrators to the fundraising campaign. Administrators can edit, promote and view the fundraising statistics. This helps bring together the minds, talents and experience of several people for one main goal.

WonderWe wants moms to know they are not alone in their fundraising endeavors. Its uses are endless. Utilize WonderWe for classroom projects, mission trips, nonprofit organizations and churches, baby showers, or even to support a friend or family member in an emergency situation like the loss of a job or illness. Share WonderWe with your church, small group, children’s sports teams and more for all their fundraising needs as well.

"Crowdfunding for Busy Moms" by WonderWe (CatholicMom.com) Courtesy of WonderWe. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

To start an online campaign, visit www.WonderWe.com and click on Start a fundraiser. Answer some questions about your cause, add videos, pictures and link it to your church, school or organization’s website. Then promote it through social media, email and print. It’s as easy as that.

Next time, your school, church or organization is considering fundraising, don’t go it alone. Consider using WonderWe, the startup changing the future of fundraising, and embrace the power of “we.”